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Gallery Talk - The Unseen Silkscreens

May 21 2011 to May 22 2011

Canada's Visual Identity celebrated with an impressive exhibit and sale of 50 technically masterful prints executed under the supervision of AJ Casson, member of the Gorup of Seven. The exhibition included iconic works by JEH MacDonald, Lawren Harris and Tom Thomson along with celebrated female artists including Yvonne McKague Housser, Rody Kenny Courtice and Emily Carr.

Join us at Artspring for an engaging presentation about the Sampson-Matthew Print Project. Exhibition continues through Monday, 30 May.

Visitors at the exhibition

Ian Sigvaldason discusses the Sampson-Matthews print project

Anthony converses with visitors

A full gallery for the Sampson-Matthews talk

A well-attended exhibition

Ian explains the silkscreen process

Carolyn enjoys the show

Standing room only

A feast for the eyes

Claire enjoys the exhibition

Ian shares his interest in Sampson-Matthews history

A beautiful display

A fascinated audience

Seth and Beth enjoy the show

Anthony explains the Sampson-Matthews silkscreen process

A great array of Sampson-Matthews' finest work

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