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Thinking of Selling Original Artwork ?

We offer the best alternative to auction companies, which now charge in excess of 25 to 30% commission. Their commission does not include hidden costs such as insurance, catalogue illustrations, storage and shipping. In addition, by selling through Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art, you eliminate the very real risk of exposure and the possible devaluation of the artwork, should your artwork fail to sell on the auction block.

Being fully up-to-date with today's communications technology, we have established a broad-based clientele of collectors across Canada, the U.S., the United Kingdom and many parts of Europe. Geographically, we are centrally located and well equipped to ship and receive art works world-wide.

We understand and respect the privacy of our clients when selling fine art. All sources of artwork are kept strictly confidential and transactions are conducted in a straightforward and professional manner. We are pleased to provide references as to our professional reputation.

What to expect when selling:

  • After a fair market value has been agreed upon, we may need to examine the artwork for condition and authentication.
  • In the case of larger works or collections, which may be awkward to transport, we will visit your location to view the works.
  • Crating and shipping is available when needed.
  • Purchase options include outright purchase or consignment sale.
  • Commission with regard to consignment sales is an agreed-upon percentage between Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art and the seller. It is based on the value of the artwork. Commission on higher valued works can be as low as 10%.

Canadian Artists of Interest

Sybil Andrews 1898-1992
William Armstrong 1822-1914
Frederic Grant Banting 1861-1941
Maxwell B. Bates 1906-1980
John W. Beatty 1869-1941
Federic M. Bell Smith 1840-1923
Eric H. Bergman 1893-1958
Samuel Borenstein 1908-1969
Lorne H Bouchard 1913-1978
Frederick H. Brigden 1871-1956
Bertram Brooker 1888-1955
Franklin P. Brownell 1857-1946
William Brymner 1855-1925
Franklin Carmichael 1890-1945
Paul A. Caron 1874-1941
Emily Carr 1871-1945
Alfred J Casson 1898-1992
William H Clapp 1879-1954
Frederick Simpson Coburn 1871-1960
Charles J Collings 1848-1931
Alexander Colville 1920
Charles F Comfort 1900-1994
Stanley M Cosgrove 1911-2002
William N Cresswell 1822-1888
Maurice G. Cullen 1866-1934
Jean Phillipe Dallaire 1916-1965
Berthe Des Clayes 1877-1968
Gertrude Des Clayes 1879-1949
Jacques G. De Tonnancour 1917
Aaron A. Edson 1846-1888
Ivan K. Eyre 1935
Joseph Fafard 1942
Valentine H. Fanshaw 1878-1940
Lionel L. Fitzgerald 1890-1956
Marc-Aurele Fortin 1888-1970
Albert J Franck 1899-1973
Thomas W. Fripp 1864-1931
Robert F. Gagen 1847-1926
Clarence A. Gagnon 1881-1942
Thomas H. Garside 1906-1980
Roland Gissing 1895-1967
Nicholas de Grandmaison 1892-1978
Frederick S. Haines 1879-1960
John A Hammond 1843-1939
Lawren S. Harris 1885-1970
Robert Harris 1849-1919
James Henderson 1871-1951
Prudence Heward 1896-1947
Edwin Holgate 1892-1977
Edward J. Hughes 1913-2007
Robert N. Hurley 1894-1980
John Innes 1863-1941
Alexander Y. Jackson 1882-1974


Otto R. Jacobi 1812-1901
Frank H. Johnston 1888-1949
Augustus F Kenderdine 1870-1947
Illingworth H. Kerr 1905-1989
Dorothy Knowles 1927
Elizabeth A McGillivray Knowles 1866-1928
Farquhar McGillivray Knowles 1859-1932
Cornelius Krieghoff 1815-1872
William Kurelek 1927-1977
John D. Lawley 1906-1971
Ozias Leduc 1864-1955
Alfred C. Leighton 1901-1965
Arthur Lismer 1885-1969
Jean-Paul Lemieux 1904-1990
John G Little 1928
Ernest Lindner 1897-1988
James E.H. MacDonald 1873-1932
Manly E. MacDonald 1889-1971
Pegi Nichol Macleod 1904-1946
Thomas M. Martin 1834-1934
Leo Mol 1914-2009
Henri Masson 1907-1996
Mabel H. May 1884-1971
Helen G. McNicoll 1879-1915
David B. Milne 1882-1953
James w. Morrice 1865-1924
Kathleen M. Morris 1893-1986
Norval Morrisseau 1932-2007
Laura A.L. Muntz 1860-1930
Lucius R. O'Brien 1832-1899
Paul Peel 1860-1892
Alfred Pellan 1906-1988
George D. Pepper 1903-1962
Walter J. Phillips 1884-1963
Robert W. Pilot 1898-1967
Antoine S. Plamondon 1804-1895
George A. Reid 1860-1947
Jean-Paul Riopelle 1923-2002
William G. Roberts 1904-1974
Albert H. Robinson 1887-1956
John H. Sandham 1841-1910
Anne D. Savage 1897-1971
Jack L. Shadbolt 1909-1998
Lionel M. Stephenson 1854-1907
Marc-Aurele de Foy
Suzor Cote 1869-1937
Thomas J. Thomson 1877-1917
Frederick H. Varley 1881-1969
Frederick A. Verner 1836-1928
Charles J. Way 1835-1919
William A. Winter 1909-1996
Mary E. Wrinch 1878-1969


International Artists of Interest

Benson, Frank
Cassatt, Mary
Catlin, George
Cezanne, Paul
Constable, John
Cooper, Thomas Sidney
Corot, Jean Baptiste Camille
Cortes, Edouard
Degas Edgar
Flint, Sir William Russell
Gerome, Jean Louis
Hassam, Childe
Hennings, Ernst Martin
Herring, John Frederick
Hesse, Eva
Johns, Jasper
Kuhnert, Willhelm
Leader, Benjamin Williams
Lichtenstein, Roy

Monet, Claude
Munnings, Sir Alfred
O'Keeffe, Georgia
O'Neill, George Bernard
Landseer, Edwin Henry
Leighton, Frederick Lord
Pendergast, Charles E.
Rauschenberg, Robert
Remington, Frederick
Renior, Pierre Auguste
Reynolds, Joshua
Sargent, John Singer
Seago, Edward
Sharpe, Dorothea
Stella, Frank
Turner, John Mallord William
Warhol, Andy
Waterhouse, John William
Whistler, James McNeill
Yeats, Jack Butler

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