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Walter J. Phillips and Group of Seven at ArtSpring

Jul 26 2013 to Jul 28 2013

On July 26, 27 and 28, we had a show of over 110 pieces at ArtSpring featuring 90 Walter Phillips' woodcuts and over 20 Group of Seven pieces (including Lawren Harris, Frederick Varley, AJ Casson, Franklin Carmichael, AY Jackson and Franz Johnston). We had the opportunity to show off woodcuts from the Phillips' family and sold many pieces to avid collectors and admirers. Even more rewarding, we had the opportunity to have Kerry Mason of the University of Victoria speak of Walter Phillips and his significance in they history of Canada. Also, we flew in Andrew Kear, curator at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, to speak of Walter Phillips and Group of Seven.

Overall, we were honored and privilaged to engage our collectors and friends of the gallery in what we believe to be some of the most important Canadian historical artists.


Diana Dean Exhibition Opening

Jul 27 2012 to Aug 11 2012

On Friday, July 27th, we had the honour of opening our Diana Dean exhibit at Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art. The gallery was packed with not only people, but Diana's large-scale, dynamic pices of figures in the landscape. With Diana in attendance, we were able to speak with her intimately about the many allegorical explanations behind each piece.

It was an honour for us to be able to show an artist so intimately connected with Salt Spring. Diana is an island treasure.


First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: Northwest Coast Native

May 03 2012 to May 03 2012

Spring brings us the gift of light, colour and renewed energy. At this month's First Thursday Talk we celebrate the joy of Spring with an invitation for you to share your passion. Bring your favourite Northwest Coast Native historic and contemporary art for a show and tell with others at the Gallery.

Ian Sigvaldason will discuss a variety of art forms and styles of North West Coast Nations and answer questions you may have about your works.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 3 May from 6pm-8pm.

A mixed exhibition of Northwest Coast Native art from the Gallery collection will be featured in the Gallery for the month of May.


First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: Sorel Etrog

Apr 05 2012 to Apr 05 2012

This month we take a close look at the life and work of Sorel Etrog, the sculptor behind Canada's Genie Award. The recipient of several public art commissions, including one for Expo '67, Roumanian-born Etrog was also a painter, writer and philosopher. Gallery Manager, Anthony Matthews, shares his passion for the work of this well-known Canadian artist.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 5 April from 6pm-8pm.

An exhibition of Etrog's bronze sculptures, including an example of the coveted Genie Award, is on dispaly at the Gallery throughout the month of April.


First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: Identifying Inuit

Mar 01 2012 to Mar 01 2012

This month we host a special Inuit sculpture identification night, with participants encouraged to bring carvings from their personal collections for a show and tell. Guest speaker Fraser Hope, who worked as an educator in the North for twenty years, presents an overview of the communities in the vast northern landscape and their various carving styles.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 1 March,from 6pm-8pm.

An exhibition of fine Inuit carvings is on display in the gallery throughout the month of March.


First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: Rattles, Bowls and Spoons

Feb 02 2012 to Feb 02 2012

This month we look at Northwest Coast Native Bowls, Rattles and Spoons with a show-and-tell about these three important artifacts important to the home and ceremonial life of the coastal tribes. Gallery Director Ian Sigvaldason discusses the significance, design, function and creation of these exquisite objects.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 5 January from 6pm-8pm.

See some of the finest examples of Contemporary and Historical Rattles, Bowls and Spoons at the Gallery through the month of February.


First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: 2012 Launch Party

Jan 05 2012 to Jan 05 2012

This month we kick off the New Year with a party. We want to thank you, our clients, gallery visitors and First Thursdays participants for your patronage, your passion for art and your enthusiasm for the talks.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 5 January from 6pm-8pm.

Help us keep our gallery talks informative and interesting. Bring your ideas and suggestions for First Thursdays in 2012.


First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: Starting a Collection

Dec 01 2011 to Dec 01 2011

Collecting art can be fun and rewarding, aesthetically and financially. This month's talk delves into the world of primary and secondary art markets. Pegasus staff explain how to determine the quality and value of a work of art. It is possible to get value for your money on any budget.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 1 December from 6pm-8pm.

Get started on your collection. Pegasus has some wonderful-and affordable-works in the Little Gems exhibition, on display in the gallery for the month of December.


First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: All About Argillite

Nov 03 2011 to Nov 03 2011

This month's talk explores the history of Haida carvings in this beautiful and rare jet black stone. Gallery Director, Ian Sigvaldason explains why historical works-and those by some contemporary carvers-are so valuable, and helps buyers know what to look for when purchasing argillite carvings.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 3 November from 6pm-8pm.

An exhibition of some of the best examples of Haida Argillite carving is on display in the gallery through the month of November.


First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: What is a Print?

Oct 06 2011 to Oct 06 2011

This month's talk tackles the complex and contentious issue of "What is a Print?". Pegasus staff address this deceptively simple question with a presentation of the various types of printmaking techniques together with a discussion about issues concerning limited editions and reproductions.

This month's special guest is Nicola Wheston, local Salt Spring artist and master printmaker.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 6 October from 6pm-8pm.

An exhibition of fine original prints is on display at the gallery through the mnonth of October.


Opening - Eric Klemm: Forever Green

Sep 09 2011 to Sep 09 2011

Join us at the exhibition opening on Friday 9 September 2011 from 5pm8pm. Exhibition continues through Saturday, 1 October.


Opening - Peter McFarlane: Shapeshifters

Aug 12 2011 to Aug 12 2011

The Chainsaw series came about as a result of Peter's connection to Pegasus Gallery. Looking at the gallery's vast collection of indigenous art and artifacts, he was struck by how similar the shape of a Raven mask was to his chainsaw. As the first chainsaw shapeshifted into a metal mask in his studio, the play on ravens as tricksters and gluttons became obvious. The fate of clear-cut forests and clear-cut cultures literally seemed to hang in the raven's beak.

Join us at the exhibition opening on Friday 12 August 2011 from 5pm8pm. Exhibition continues through Saturday, 3 September.


Gallery Talk - The Unseen Silkscreens

May 21 2011 to May 22 2011

Canada's Visual Identity celebrated with an impressive exhibit and sale of 50 technically masterful prints executed under the supervision of AJ Casson, member of the Gorup of Seven. The exhibition included iconic works by JEH MacDonald, Lawren Harris and Tom Thomson along with celebrated female artists including Yvonne McKague Housser, Rody Kenny Courtice and Emily Carr.

Join us at Artspring for an engaging presentation about the Sampson-Matthew Print Project. Exhibition continues through Monday, 30 May.


Pegasus hosts Chief Tony Hunt

Jul 11 2010 to Jul 11 2010

On June 26, 2010, the Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art was honoured to host hereditary Kwakwaka'wakw Chief, Tony Hunt. He spoke informally to a standing room only crowd of respectful admirers about his Nation, his past and his future. Afterwards, guests spoke with him and looked on as he signed a group of three carvings acquired by the Gallery.


Lady X

May 01 2010 to May 16 2010

This is the third exhibition of the unique and vibrant impressionist style paintings by Salt Spring's 'Lady X'. Preferring to remain anonymous, she paints events from her life with an honesty and passion that can only take place when an artist works without any intention of public viewing. Her pieces explore such themes as motherhood, love, jealousy and social events such as cocktail parties. Her work is compelling because it emerges from a lifetime of personal experience.


Eight Island Artists

May 15 2009 to May 29 2009

There is no shortage of upbeat spirit in this start-of-the-season show at Pegasus Gallery. As always, a diversity of approaches showcase the talent and creativity of our artists. Popular Vancouver Island painters Steven Armstrong and Gail Johnson join with Salt Spring sculptors Roland Gatin and Morley Myers, the quirky work of Peter McFarlane, and the bold landscapes of John MacDonald, Randolph Parker and Ronald Smith.

Join the artists and Pegasus staff at the Opening Reception, 5 - 8 pm, Friday May 15th at the Gallery (Seaside of Mouat's Building)


Opening - Bobs Cogill Haworth: Retrospective Exhibition

Mar 20 2009 to Mar 20 2009

This is an exciting retrospective of 30 paintings by this famous woman painter and innovator. She was the founding president of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, member of the the Royal Canadian Academy and the Ontario Society of Artists. Her mixed media and watercolour abstract painting from 1930-60 inspired Lawren Harris, Emily Carr and others to appreciate and incorporate abstraction in their own artwork.

Join us at the opening reception on Friday, 20 March from 5pm7pm.


Miscellaneous Gallery Shots 2005-2008

Dec 09 2008 to Dec 09 2008

The Last 3 years or so have seen a lot of art, exhibits, and whirlwind tours by friends, patrons, tourists, and family. Here are a few moments.


A Century of Collecting Canadian Art

May 04 2008 to May 17 2008

Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art is happy to present our spring exhibition 'A Century of Collecting Canadian Art'.

This exhibition will be featuring masterpieces from some of Canada's greatest and well-known painters throughout history such as A.Y. Jackson, David Milne and A.J. Casson from the East, as well as Takao Tanabe, William Kurelek and L.L. Fitzgerald from the western provinces.

We will also be showing new pieces from our contemporary artists including locals Randolph Parker, John McDonald and Roland Gatin, plus Vancouver Island artists Christopher Walker, Robert Genn, Gail Johnson, Kristina Boardman, Richard Calver and Ken Kirkby.

If you are not sure about how to start collecting art, please make an appointment to see Ian or simply come to our catered reception, Sunday, May 4th from 2-8pm.

The best way to see these Canadian masterpieces is in person...

We'd love for you to come by, savour wine from Tantalus vineyards in Kelowna, taste delectable treats from Hastings House and best of all, enjoy the incredible art on the walls of Pegasus Gallery.

We hope you will be able to visit our galleries often, either in person or online.


Visions in Stone

Oct 25 2007 to Nov 08 2007

An exhibition of stone-themed sculptures and paintings by three talented B.C. artists. Featuring local sculptor Roland Gatin, long time Pegasus artist Kristina Boardman and internationally renowned activist and artist Ken Kirkby.
Opening Reception with the artists: Thursday, October 25th from 4 pm-7pm. Refreshments served.



Aug 04 2007 to Aug 04 2007


DURING PEGASUS GALLERY'S 35TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Located in Mouat’s Mall on Salt Spring, Artistic Pegasus Event Coincides with Mouat's Historic 100th Anniversary Weekend Festivities.

Richard Calver, a master of linocut print-making, revered carver Cicero August, and distinguished landscape painter Randolf Parker will reveal the techniques they use in creating their varied art forms. This unique opportunity for the public will take place during the afternoon on Sat. August 4th. A major exhibition of Calver's work and paintings by Parker will also be featured.

* Demonstration linocut print making in the gallery: 1- 4 p.m. Richard Calver, a former student of the celebrated printmaker Sybil Andrews, has risen to the top of the print making field in Canada. At his studio on Quadra Island, he produces complex masterpieces through a laborious process using linocut blocks and oil paint. Born in England in 1946, Calver prints each color separately from carved blocks, with each image requiring four or five blocks. Each block must be aligned perfectly, so printing one image – of which there could be an edition of several dozen prints produced -- can take one day.

* Class on landscape painting in the gallery: Noon to 4 p.m. Randolf Parker, born in 1954 in Huntsville, Ont., now creates panoramic vistas in oil, acrylic and watercolour in his Salt Spring Island studio. * Demonstration traditional NorthWest Coast carving in Salish design on the Boardwalk outside gallery: Afternoon. Cicero August belongs to the Cowichan tribe of the Coast Salish people. Along with Simon Charlie, with whom he apprenticed, and Floyd Joseph, Cicero is one of Canada's best-known and most-respected Coast Salish carvers. Born in 1940, Cicero, who now lives in the Duncan area, excels in carving and painting dance batons, healing sticks and talking sticks used in Coast Salish ceremonies. His favourite woods are pine, cedar and maple. One of Cicero's largest carvings is a 30-foot totem pole which stands in front of the B.C. Legislature Buildings in Victoria, B.C.

The Pegasus Gallery's 35th Anniversary Celebration -- Pegasus opened in 1972. It was founded by Reg Ashwell, the author of several books on Northwest Coast art, and subsequently owned by Yvonne Toynbee from 1982-2005. The gallery was then purchased by current owner and manager Ian Sigvaldason, a young Manitoba-born entrepreneur and art aficionado, in partnership with Winnipeg's Mayberry Fine Art gallery.


Travis Shilling Exhibition

Feb 22 2007 to Mar 08 2007

Travis Shilling exhibition of impressionist works. Travis Shilling is a talented young Ojibwa artist and son of Arthur Shilling, RCA, who lived on Salt Spring Island for many years. His work is anchored in strong outline and brush strokes to showcase his fascination with light and shadow. Shilling's portraits which he calls 'mindscapes' connect us with the models as they sit wrapped in their own inner thoughts. Similarly, his bold strokes of rich oil colour and soft-backlighting characterize his confident approach to landscape.


Reg Ashwell is Back!

Nov 04 2006 to Apr 27 2007

Reg Ashwell, former owner of the Pegasus Gallery, will be gracing us with his presence every second Saturday starting November 4th, 2006! With his in-depth knowledge of North West Coast art and wonderful anecdotes, he is a great re-addition to the Pegasus Team!


Pegasus Gallery Re-Opening June 16, 2006

Jun 16 2006 to Jun 17 2006

The long awaited Grand Re-opening of the Gallery! Established in 1972, Pegasus Gallery has slowly grown to a destination for islanders and off-islanders alike. The June 16th event, (roughly 6 months in the planning)was attended by hundreds and hundreds of people from noon - 11:00pm (when things finally wound down). Thank you to the caterers, the media, and the Mayberrys, Sarginsons, Sigvaldasons and especially to the ARTISTS for all your hard work in making the event such a smashing success!

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