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First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: Rattles, Bowls and Spoons

Feb 02 2012 to Feb 02 2012

This month we look at Northwest Coast Native Bowls, Rattles and Spoons with a show-and-tell about these three important artifacts important to the home and ceremonial life of the coastal tribes. Gallery Director Ian Sigvaldason discusses the significance, design, function and creation of these exquisite objects.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 5 January from 6pm-8pm.

See some of the finest examples of Contemporary and Historical Rattles, Bowls and Spoons at the Gallery through the month of February.

A captive audience

Ianexplains the significance of a work

A selection of bowls on display in the gallery

An interesting question

Ian explains the making of a horn spoon

Anthony displays a bowl

A dramatic display of work by Derek Heaton and Eric Klemm

Guests examine a spoon

Ian and Anthony discuss ceremonial objects

A round table discussion

Work by Pat McGuire and Tony Hunt complements the show

Ian talks about rattles

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