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First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: All About Argillite

Nov 03 2011 to Nov 03 2011

This month's talk explores the history of Haida carvings in this beautiful and rare jet black stone. Gallery Director, Ian Sigvaldason explains why historical works-and those by some contemporary carvers-are so valuable, and helps buyers know what to look for when purchasing argillite carvings.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 3 November from 6pm-8pm.

An exhibition of some of the best examples of Haida Argillite carving is on display in the gallery through the month of November.

Ian discusses the history of argillite carving

A close inspection of an argillite totem

a captivated audience

Ian talks about the various carving periods

Anthony shows the finer points of carving

Argillite attracts a big crowd

Ian presents information about the famous carvers

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