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First Thursdays - Gallery Talk: What is a Print?

Oct 06 2011 to Oct 06 2011

This month's talk tackles the complex and contentious issue of "What is a Print?". Pegasus staff address this deceptively simple question with a presentation of the various types of printmaking techniques together with a discussion about issues concerning limited editions and reproductions.

This month's special guest is Nicola Wheston, local Salt Spring artist and master printmaker.

Join us at the gallery on Thursday, 6 October from 6pm-8pm.

An exhibition of fine original prints is on display at the gallery through the mnonth of October.

Nicola explains the intaglio process

Original silkscreens and lino-cut prints

A selection of prints at the gallery

Nicola explains a combination print process

Native and Canadian historical prints at the gallery

Two Sampson-Matthews silkscreens

Nicola shares her portfolio

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