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John Koerner
Mixed media drawing on paper.
Untitled Landscape
Code B
11 x 14 (in)
mixed media

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John Koerner born in 1913 grew up in the Czech Republic, studied there, at the Charles University, and later at the Sorbonne and in the studios of Paul Colin and Victor Tischler. He now lives in Vancouver, where he taught painting and drawing at the Vancouver School of Art and the University of British Columbia. In his work he tries to create an atmosphere somewhat like a Japanese garden where, on a sand-raked surface, rocks, moss, and plants are sparingly but most effectively placed. Each aspect is to be contemplated and absorbed internally. Their meaning becomes available through meditation. His work is not based on dogma or philosophical thought. They are based on objective knowledge and personal experience of ultimate reality. He emphasizes the unity among religions, he illuminates the various ideas and images of 'God' that human faith has moulded through the ages and factually describes the eternal spiritual reality which human souls are able to experience and how this highest of all earthly goals can be attained. Koerner is the author of "Unseen Dimensions", published by Sono NIS Press, Victoria BC in 1997 and "A Brush with Life", published by Ronsdale Press, Vancouver BC in 2005. "A Brush with Life" is partly autobiographical. Linda Rogers, the poet and author, comments: "Koerner explores the underpinnings of his long life as a painter in the lavishly illustrated art book with full-page colour prints of his paintings and many photos and drawings. He describes his early life in Czechoslovakia, his art and philosophy studies in Paris and his life as a student in the Latin Quarter in the early 1930s. He tells of the influence of Giorgione, Matisse and Bonnard and particularly the writings of B Yin R, his spiritual teacher. Koerner's work is represented in Canada, the United States, France, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Japan and Uruguay.

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