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Unknown Coast Salish

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Twisted loop trim
Coast Salish Basket - Cedar Shelf
native historical
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5.75 x 4 x 9 (in)

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Sturdy coiled baskets were often made by the Coast Salish People of peeled and split cedar root. The coils themselves are made from the rough inner root and are sewn together with the shiny outer part of the root. The basket is often decorated with imbrication in which dyed pieces of material such as beargrass, cherry or cedar bark, or horsetail are folded accordion style and sewn into the coils themselves.

Bark was dyed either shredded or in strands. It took the colour best when still wet with sap. Red was sometimes created by chewing the red inner bark of the red alder, then coating the wet cedar bark with it so the colour bled into it. For balck, year-old cedar bar was buried for a time in black swampy mud which stained it permanently.

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