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Symcho Moszkowicz
1915 - 1966
Camp scene with barb wire
historical international
60 x 38 (in)
mixed media

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Symcho Moszkowicz Polish/Swedish, 1915 - 1966, Was a noted expressionist painter whose work strongly reflects his own holocaust experience. Best known for abstract textural compositions and expressionist graphics. Studied at the Stockholm Academy of Painting. Exhibited at the Galerie St. Nikolaus, Stockholm (One man shows '57, '59), Galerie Hoche Saint- Honore, Paris, Galerie Les Caves, Paris (One man show '61), Galerie Lambert, Paris (One man show '62, Retrospective '69), and Galerie L'Antipoete, Paris (One man show '64). Retrospective exhibitions at Galerie Lambert, 1969, and at The Queens Museum, NY, 1978. His works are in the collections of : The Jewish Museum, N.Y. The Vatican Museum, Rome The Yad Vashem, Jerusalem Musee d'Arte Moderne, Paris Moderna Museet, Stockholm Symcho escapes Nazi persecution by crossing the Russian border, but is deported to the Ural where he spends the next five and a half years in a forced labor camp under conditions of extreme privation. In 1945 Symcho returned to Lodz to find that almost his entire family has been killed by the Nazis. Only his sister Teresa has escaped. In an effort to emigrate to Palestine, where he believes Teresa is living, he illegally enters Austria and is detained once again and placed in a Displaced Persons Camp. His sister located Symcho through letters and began a campaign to get him released in 1947. She also begins efforts that eventually help him to emigrate to Sweden. With her help he settles there, finds work and begins formal art training at the Stockholm Academy of Painting. 1951 was the year Symcho devoted himself full time to painting and study. Immersed in the contemporary Art Informal culture, Symcho's work becomes increasingly abstract, enabling him to express deep emotions more effectively than in an academic style. His first trip to Paris was in 1954 where he meets with other abstract painters and makes contacts with several galleries for contemporary art. He supports himself by teaching art at the Skold Pernby Art Academy. Symcho's first one man show at Galerie St. Nikolaus is a success in 1957 and garners very favorable reviews. The Swedish Press is unanimous in proclaiming him an important new expressionist voice. Some excerpts from reviews: "Moszkowicz shows the ability to read a man's face and to express the history of human suffering. This is painting that comes from inside, art with inner value ..." "The effect of the exhibition is unusually refined ... The accusing look you meet in these faces shakes and follows you long after you have left this fascinating show." "Moszkowicz exceeded expectations created by his unusually promising debut ... "His paintings convey a mission to humanity ... " "His talent must be recognized ... His art has obvious roots in the bitter experience of the artist." Critical acclaim and financial success enable him to return to Paris for an extended stay. While there he prepares for a planned exhibition that is postponed when his sister Teresa, now living in New York, convinces him to visit her and exhibit with the Abstract Expressionists. After several months in New York in 1960, where he finds the art scene too rigid and confining, Symcho returns to Paris and continues to prepare for his next exhibition. That one man show in Paris is a critical, artistic and social success. His new found celebrity enables him to locate there permanently. "His people prove their greatness by their moral force, their dignity and pride ... " "He combines man and nature to develop eternity ... " In the later days, Symcho enjoyed success and celebrity, moving freely among artistic and literary society. He participated in numerous group exhibitions in Stockholm and Paris, encouraging the younger abstract expressionist artists and received wide critical acclaim. His celebrity enables him to play the main role in the allegorical film "Houat." While preparing for a second exhibition at Galerie Lambert he is hospitalized with the complications of long standing heart condition stemming from his time in the War camps.

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